A new beginning – tellings of a threeway tale

On that bright and cloudless morning when the dead in Christ shall rise,
And the glory of His resurrection share;
When His chosen ones shall gather to their home beyond the skies,
And the roll is called up yonder, I’ll be there.

What about yourself? What is it in your life that you live for this very day? Why? does it seem to you as if that’s all there is? Do you think you’re going anywhere? What’s your meaning in life?

Has the thought ever entered your mind which speaks with a low voice telling you there is something larger than yourself in the universe? I’ve found that voice to whisper in my head throughout my life. It told my mind and all of my senses that life as I knew it was not everything. I of course never wanted to listen, but I was somehow led onto an adventerous path – an investigative one – and as much in my heart as in my mind, I found myself finding answers I could never have imagined.

I haven’t been on here in a long while. It’s been even longer since I regularly attempted to chronicle my life. But the journey never ceased and I have been taken way afar since those days. Life today is almost a little unbelievable. Much of my past can probably be discerned through skimming of old posts, but the important story is not only the one that has already taken place – but also the one that is ongoing today and the one yet to come. Together those three aspects tell a story that I find far too great to hold within my own solitude confinement.

It was never my intention when I started “blogging” in 2007 to find myself popular amongst readers or provide some kind of self-centered entertainment venue for others. Likewise today, I’d like to give insight into my life and my story, not because I believe it to be interesting, but because I know that it has something to tell and there are many out there that I would like to see come to the realizations that I have made.

So have mercy on me; it’s just the telling of a tale. It’s up to you whether you would like to listen or not.




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The Journey – a brief synopsis


On a warm and early June day, I was about to board an adventure I had never experienced prior to that moment in my life. It was the strangest of things; I had never been in an airplane or in a country other than my own. But that morning I was sitting inside the cabin of an Airbus 340, leaving behind several opportunities to munch on cakes and endure forced hugs from teachers as the semester was ending. The colossal machine intended to bring me to the other side of the world. I was full of fear. Not of the kind that gives you the feeling that you are about to die, but of the kind that makes your stomach so tied up in a knot that even thinking of anything else becomes impossible. I was by myself, headed for the unknown. Little then, did I know where it would bring me.

It took the flying colossus almost nine hours to take me to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. I was not able to do anything but practice anxiousness, which did not disappear as I landed and was forced to undergo the scrutiny any visitor to the United States must go through. My appearance was, of course, very bizarre. So what was a Swedish seventeen year old guy, with no relatives in America or records of previous travel, doing all by himself in Chicago? The details sounded suspicious. I was detained. Not for long, but long enough to research my reason for being there. Every physical part of me that could be shaken up was shaken up. I could not help but to reflect on my situation. I sprouted with excitement, though I was clueless of what to expect. The idea was unreal, I could never have imagined doing what I was doing right then. I was only a luggage band and a customs officer away. Out there, through the airport doors would be America and all of her diverse beauty, as well as six individuals that had only spoken to me through the internet. I had never felt so blessed. I couldn’t comprehend anything that was happening but I was forced to accept that it was real.  

I had developed two good friendships over a period of eight months and was invited to spend a month of my summer with the friends and their families. The adventure I thought I had embarked on wasn’t only an adventure I would cherish throughout my life, but it also began the most unbelievable change in my life. That summer I embarked on a journey far greater than traveling across the Atlantic Ocean, far greater than I could’ve ever imagined. My life had been characterized by the search for purpose. I suffered much from depression and sought for comfort in such venues as alcohol, parties, and vain relationships. I consistently used other human beings for my own wishes and desires. I did not think highly of life, it was gloomy and, for the most part, I actually didn’t like it.

The family that invited me over and allowed me to stay with them introduced me to Christianity. Coming from a very secular culture, I had the idea that even if God existed, He wasn’t for me. But for the most part I was a proud professor of atheism. The thought of a God was repulsive to me, but I slowly started to realize that there was no reason not to explore the idea with an open mind. My life took on new colors as I started to see things from different perspectives. Over time, I started changing and realizing the truth of the Bible and how it applied to me. My life was changing. During that summer I had gotten to experience love, care, and life like I had never seen it before. The seeds that were planted in me that summer would grow through the following years and hopefully for the rest of my life. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, and sadly, sometimes not at all or in the wrong direction. But it’s a journey, an adventure that is never-ending.

I am now twenty years old and study here in the United States. I have the most wonderful friends, a second family that loves me as much as if I was one of them, and a lovely girlfriend that loves me for who I am, and who I can be. That day in June of 2008, I truly experienced the start of something more grandeur than I could ever have expected. Life is beautiful. All of my years, experiences, and hardships make sense—not because they were “enjoyable” but because now I know that God had a plan and He still does. That day, that summer, will never be forgotten, for it marks a beginning of a life-changing journey—a journey only made possible by a thousand little pieces falling into place.  How is it that I met the people that I did online? Out of all the billions of people on this planet, I came across somebody that would love me despite all of my faults and despite all the wrong that I had been doing. I was forgiven, given new chances, and enabled to begin life all over again. The journey has been long, but no day in the rest of my life will ever be the same again. Augustine once said, “There is no saint without a past, no sinner without a future.” This truth is testified in my own life. No matter what direction my life takes, I will be able to carry with me hope and satisfaction. We often find faults in life; we desire more of some things and wish for other things to be different. But such an outlook will not bring any joy or prosperity and I wouldn’t want to live the life that is blind to the beauty of it. My journey since that early June has truly taught me so much and taken me where I never dreamed. Life is what we allow it to be.

It is the craziest of ideas, flying across the ocean to an unknown place to stay with hardly known people. Or maybe you find it crazier to believe in a God I can’t see. I might appear as a brave and adventurous person ready to hop on any wild thing in life, or a lunatic that’s out of his mind. But honestly, I’m really not the first and the latter is debatable. My opportunities were given to me. So many intrinsically small parts played together and all evolved into the change of my life. I found real life in Jesus Christ, almost five thousand miles away from home, amongst strangers. We are all travelling along paths, going our own directions. I am on a path I never would have imagined years ago. I believe things happen for a reason, how else could we look at the big aspects of our lives? If everything was happening by chance, why do they orchestrate in such beautiful manners? It doesn’t always go the way we want it to—it rarely has for me—but the value of life should not be measured in wealth, possessions or anything else that rots away and is as easily lost as it is gained. Shouldn’t it be seen, experienced and valued in the eccentric avenues, in the traits that not even imprisonment nor torture can take away? My life changed because I found hope, joy and satisfaction. I stopped looking. I was forgiven all the bad things I had ever done, and trust me, they were bad. My life took on new colors because I stopped looking at myself as the center of the universe. The amazing adventure that began that warm summer’s morning was indeed the transformation of my life, and I cannot see it ending anywhere. Life is beautiful, if only you allow for it to be. If only you truly find Life.

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That its You that lives in me
Faithful I will be
And I do everything
For Your glory, for Your glory

I’m not going to spend too much time on who I am, for I strive not to be like myself but like Christ. The previous posts of  this blog will remain as memories over how I used to look at life and what I was thinking back then. If you’re gonna read these posts, whoever you are, I encourage you to also read those I wrote 1-2 years ago.

The Apostle Paul wrote in his second letter to the Corinthians that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person, that the old life is gone and that the new life has begun. (5:17)

This is highly interesting, i’m in the same body with the same voice and the same kind of mind. Am I not? this newness isnt about reforming, rehabilitation or reeducation. It’s re-creating.

I am created anew in Christ,  cleansed from my sins (Which are far more than numerous) and my life here on earth isnt about me anymore. It isnt the chronicles of David Lundin and the world revolving around him. It’s David and how David is nothing without Jesus.

Read Colossians 3:1-4.

I’ve thought a little about this cheesy name I have to my blog. You’ve laughed at it i’m sure. I must’ve been around 14 when I got it. I was playing this computer game and I needed a cool nickname, I had for the whole of my life considered love to be something beautiful and that there existed way too little of it in this earth. I think I even thought something like; “If nobody else will, i’ll do what I can to bring it!”

Yeah, very cool. I obviously failed and have succeeded with causing as much harm and pain as anyone else has. Perhaps it was a prophecy.. God giving me the name and just waiting for me to realize that there’s no love without Him and that there’s no bringer without Him?

Haha, I don’t know. But I know he’s the lovebringer.

Why not let Him conform you into a new being and bring some love yourself? I’ll start and give $90 bucks to some strangers that are less fortunate.

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“How can there be evil with a good God?”

If God wanted to create a world where love would be a reality, freedom must be aswell. And thus the ability to say no, to turn away, to rebel against the love one has been created for. The alternative to create a free man that cannot fall doesn’t exist.

Not even God can do the logically impossible.  A free man that cannot fall is as contradicting as a round triangle.  In order to give us the reality of love,  God must also give us the possibility of evil.

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Look who’s talkin’

Greetings fellow earthlings,

Remember me? I wouldnt blame you for not to. I barely remember myself.

It’s strange to be here again. I’ve made a few posts here and there the last year, but truth is I haven’t really devoted any of my time on this blog since the beginning of June 2008. For 11 months of my life this blog was something important to me, it was like a buddy I could talk to. I have always fancied writing, and it became an outlet for lots of things and thoughts.

I don’t have a good answer to why I stopped with it, but the month of June that year was the start of something quite remarkable in my life. I didnt know it then, but everything I was were about to change.

I’m not really sure on where to start, but let me give you a little bit of a background.

I was in my freshman year of highschool when my english teacher wanted me to take the higher level of English, I agreed and ended up in the 2nd year studying the class all by myself. I thought it would be good to get as much practice as possible and I specifically did two things to help me on that. First, I googled for penpals. And then I started this blog. I never intended to have any readers, who’d want to read this? but over 6,000 visitors later I still stand bewildered.

I’m not sure if  this blog ever played a role in the changing of my person. I think it was mostly read by people from that penpal site I found, and they’re all gone but one. I don’t think i’m remembered by any of them, but strangely they’re some of the persons I wish the most that would find their way back to this blog.

This one then, that’s left.. well she’s my absolute best friend today. She lives on the other side of the world and I have in the past year, spent around 4½ months with her. Her cousin, whom I talked to too, came up with this great idea of inviting this random guy from across the world to come and live with them for a month. I don’t know how their parents could agree to such a thing, but June 4th I was on my way.

Alot has happened since. In fact I don’t think i’ll ever again live a year that will be so full of things.

But it was all the starting shot. My life has only begun. And this blog is no longer a way for me to practice on english, it’s me desperately trying to show you all that there is more to life than we might think. I’d love for each and everyone of you to know who I was, and who I am today.

Hop on the train, we’re going on a journey.

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I’m going higher than I’ve ever been before

The angels asked me how I felt about all I’d seen and heard
That they spoke to me, a pagan, gave me cause to doubt their word
But they laughed and said: “It doesn’t matter if you’ll help us in our art”

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The definition of me, and what defines me from you!

A doorbell rings in your head, you wonder from where it comes. Knowing there’s no doors around, you get confused. Impatiently the man ringing the bell seems to slam his finger on it more and more, the constant buzzing leaves you scatterbrained in your other so calm existence.

You get used to it, it never seems to go away. When you finally do, it’s too late and you just sigh at life standing there asking you where the heck you’ve been? He shakes his head muttering that he’s been trying to get ahold of you for ages!

But who are we human beings to say that something is too late? What gives us the right to speak in a matter we have no influence over ourselves? What defines “too late”?, when is the gutfeeling of that “Shit, now it’s over” justified?

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Eddie Brickell

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I’d rather write a symphony

Two months and seven days since last, right? Seems like yesterday, in every aspect.

You who cares, knows about it all already, and you who don’t know, don’t really care. So i’ll spare you of whatever you’ve already heard, or havent.

I’m not sure I will resume my writing here, just to let you know.

Ever close your eyes.
Ever stop and listen.
Ever feel alive.
And you’ve nothing missing.
You don’t need a reason
Let the day go on and on.

Every summer sun,
Every winter evening.
Every spring to come
Every autumn leaving.
You don’t need a reason


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Farewell Sweden, Hello United States.

Havent had the time to write anything longer today.

Plane leaving tomorrow 10:15 AM Swedish time, probably will write here on the 6th of July, or if I don’t, not earlier then the 28th of July.

So it’s parked for some month, take care all of you; i’m going.

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